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Scooter / Motorbike Rentals

fast and light – starts at

$6 USD / day

Passport required

Daily - Weekly - Monthly

best feeling


One of the best feelings in the world is riding a motorbike through the Indonesian countryside. Passing by palm trees, rice paddies, playing children and beautiful scenery is bliss. You will feel alive and free.

Honda Beat scooters (110 cc)

Automatic transmission

Helmets and ponchos provided

STNK registration provided

To be used within the Special Region of Yogyakarta only

easy freedom

Notes about Renting Our Motorbikes


  • The motorbikes must be picked-up and dropped off at our office. Artha Tours cannot deliver to your hotel or hostel accomodation at this time ~ our apologies.
  • Artha Tours rents in 24 hour chunks. We do not typically rent by half-day. A half-day will be charged a full day.
  • An overtime fee is charged if the motorbike is rented for more than 24 hours or if it is not returned on time.
  • Please review our Terms and Conditions carefully before agreeing to rent. Thank you.

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