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Mount Merapi

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Mount Merapi Trekking - Adventure of a Lifetime

Want to hike the most active volcano in Indonesia? In this tour, you will hike Mount Merapi. At 2,930 m (9,610 ft)  above sea level, it is a hard trek through the night but you will be rewarded with a gorgeous, sweet sunrise at the top.

Subject to Availability

This tour does not depart always every day. Departure depends if a group is available and volcanic activity level.


Obviously, this trek is not for the faint of heart. You need to be fit enough to hike 3-6 hours upwards through sand and rock and back down again. Please see further word of caution below.


Door-to-door transportation from your hotel to Mount Merapi base camp and back.


An experienced guide will go on the trek with each small group (6 persons)

Mount Merapi at night and sunrise


Trek Mount Merapi through the night, arriving to watch the sun rise! Pick-up is from your Yogyakarta hotel at 10 PM at night then you will be driven to New Selo (~2 hours from Yogyakarta), arriving at midnight. From New Selo, you will start your hike and proceed to Pasar Bubrah and Mount Merapi. Your group will be accompanied by an experienced guide. However, this trek is done at your own risk! Please see Word of Caution.

Please note this is an overnight trek. You will leave at night and return to your hotel the following day.
  • 10:00 PM

      Our driver will be waiting for you in your hotel lobby to pick you up.

  • 10 PM-12 AM

      Drive to New Selo, base site for the trek.

  • 12-1 AM

      Prepare to start.

  • 1-5 AM

      Trek up Mount Merapi through the night. Fast, 3 hours. Typical, 4-5 hours.

  • 5+ AM

      Enjoy the most spectacular sunrise.

  • 5-9 AM

      Trek back down to New Selo

  • 9-11+ AM

     Rest a bit, then driven back to Yogyakarta

  • 12 PM

     Return to Yogyakarta hotel



  • A private car with driver, petrol, and parking fees paid
  • Door-to-door service from your Yogyakarta hotel lobby to New Selo base site and back
  • Entrance ticket to trek Mount Merapi
  • A guide for each group (6-8 people)


  • Hotel 
  • Flights
  • Travel and other types of insurance
  • Meals

Word of Caution : This is not an easy hike. Hike only as far as you feel safe/comfortable. Inform the guide immediately if you are having any issues. 

Mount Merapi is an active volcano and erupted in 2010 (hundreds of people died), 2013, 2017 and 2018. Seismic activity is monitored and tours are cancelled when potential or actual eruption happens. However, when Mount Merapi may erupt next is not known and Artha Tours is not responsible for volcanic activity or its outcome.

Also the hiking of Mount Merapi, both ascending and descending, requires CONCENTRATION AND CAUTION. The path can be dark, very cold, rainy, dusty, sandy, slippery, and rocky at times. The summit is just a foot’s slip away from Mt. Merapi’s crater which is filled with poisonous gases. Some individuals (ie. Eri Yunanto, R.I.P. iA’iar) have in fact,  fallen into the crater and died. Eri is said to have died while trying to take a ‘selfie’ photograph, so again, be very careful when making any extraneous movements.  

Many tourists have fully enjoyed their trek without feeling the need to reach the summit.

You should only climb as far as you feel comfortable and safe and while Artha Tours does try to provide a reasonable level of safety, this tour is done fully at your own risk. Artha Tours is not responsible for the weather, any accidents, damage, harm, eruptions, and other unforeseeable and/or unpredictable events.

To Bring :
  • warm, layered clothing/jacket/hat/gloves as it is cold
  • good hiking shoes (sneakers not recommended)
  • 2-3 L water, snacks
  • headlamp preferably or handheld torch/flashlight (one provided but may not be sufficiently bright)
  • cash for consummables
  • rain jacket, just in case. Rainy season typically October – February.

No refunds. Any changes to schedule will try to be accomodated but cannot be guaranteed.

Please see full Terms and Conditions here.

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Mount Merapi Trekking Adventure

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